Fire Insurance

The Fire policy covers you against loss by Fire, Lightening and Explosion etc. The cover can be extended to indemnify you against loss or damage of property caused by  earthquake, windstorm or flood

Life Insurance

This includes covers for the individual as well as the nuclear families. Policies under this are credit Life, Educational cover, Life covers and funeral schemes  

Motor Insurance

DIB Ghana recommends any of the following ….

  • 1. Third party Only
  • 2. Third Party, Fire and theft
  • 3. Comprehensive policies

Products Liability policy

The product liability policy has been designed to cover the legal liability  arising from the sale of products to third parties

Burglary (Bus. Premises)

This Policy covers your content and similar properties against theft involving entry and exit from the premises by forcible means

Goods-In-Transit Policy

The Good-in-transit policy indemnifies the insured for loss or damage to merchandise in transit by fire, accident and theft or pilferage following  an accident to the carrying vehicle. 

Public Liability

This liability policy, indemnifies the insured for accidental damage to third party property

Other policies such as

  • 1. Group Life
  • 2. Professional Indemnity
  • 3. Marine Insurance
  • 4. Workmen's compensation
  • 5. Fidelity Guarantee
  • 6. Money Insurance and many more